This is my travel blog.

I lived in Singapore as a child, growing up in the tiny city-state while attending school. I was often the beneficiary of my family’s keenness to exploit our geographical position by exploring many of the various countries in the region including: Malaysia & Indonesia. I was also fortunate enough to live in Tempe, Arizona in the United States as a university student for six months. Both experiences have given me a wider appreciation for other cultures.

I have travelled through Western Europe, visiting: the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and many of the smaller cities in the South of Ireland. I have been to the United States on numerous occasions, including travelling from Los Angeles to New Orleans via road and onwards to New York and Washington, D.C. My road trip across the south of the US included stops at Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Durango in Colorado, Albuquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico, Amarillo in Texas, Dallas, Memphis and on to Louisiana. I have been to Singapore since returning to Australia to live and have also travelled to Bangkok, Thailand. I have just returned from travelling through Nepal this year trekking to Everest Base Camp via the Gokyo Lakes. I spent some time in the nation’s capital Kathmandu, as well as many of the smaller villages along the route to Mt. Everest.

This travel blog is intended to capture my experiences abroad and to comment on my immersion into other cultures.

You can view all my destinations by clicking here, or my most recent destination below, Nepal.

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