This section is devoted to my commentary on the United States and The Political Scene. I have always had a tremendous interest in US politics from the President and Congress to the Supreme Court. Growing up through the 2000’s, I, along with the world, witnessed an America that exerted an unrivalled presence around the globe. 9/11 propelled the US into Afghanistan, and eventually Iraq, commanding a global war against a declared enemy that possessed a dramatically dissimilar appearance to those of the 20th century. The manner in which America responded to this threat, including: the establishment on the Department of Homeland Security, the passing of the PATRIOT Act, the widening powers granted to the CIA, the use of ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ – all captured my interest. Most critically, the ethical and moral clouds that often accompanied these issues in their aftermath were what really sealed my attraction. The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency in 2008 was undoubtedly a watershed moment for the world and did not fail to capture my attention. A semester spent studying in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010 proved to considerably widen my interest as I took political science classes in ‘American Government’, ‘Problems with Democracy’ and ‘National Security, Counter-terrorism and Intelligence’ at Arizona State University. The opportunity to take these classes with American students and discuss the nation’s current quandaries was a remarkable experience and served to stoke my passion for the United States and its system of governance.

In this section I intended to cover issues ranging from: the use of Presidential power and the impact of the national security apparatus, to elections, important legislative bills and judicial decisions. Click the sections below for a detailed analysis of each branch of the United States Government.

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