This section is devoted to the study of my Master degree in International Relations. I will be posting essays and work done in the pursuit of my degree. I would like to stress that the work posted under this section is academic in nature, and thus may not be an accurate reflection of my opinions or views on particular issues. My degree will concentrate around Security Studies and International Law, but will also comprised of International Relations Theory. I will be studying both regional security issues, such as those in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, as well as more contemporary security issues including: cyber-security, new security challenges and fragile states. I will also be covering International Law and it’s impact on aspects of security, encompassing both Humanitarian Law and the International Law surrounding the use of Armed Force. I will also be studying Anti-terrorism law and the current position Australia has taken with respect to pursing domestic and international terror threats. I will be publishing my major research work in 2015 for which I have not yet selected a topic.

My subjects have included:

  • Chinese Foreign and Security Policy
  • Fragile States and State-building
  • Forces of Change in International Relations
  • Foundations of International Relations
  • Globalisation & Governance
  • International Organisations
  • International Security
  • Middle East Conflict & Security
  • New Security Challenges