Clime Investment Management
Private Client Advisor
2012 – Present | Sydney, Australia
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I am currently a Client Advisor with Clime Investment Management, a boutique Australian Fund Manager. Clime currently offers numerous Managed Funds, as well as Individually Managed Accounts, administering just under $600 million. They also partly own StocksInValue, a joint venture research service with over 2000 clients.

I distribute our research to clients and directly liaise with clients regarding: our valuations, opinions and views on specific stocks, and the market as a whole, and provide general advice pertaining to investing within Australian equity markets. It is incumbent for me to posses a detailed and thorough understanding of our valuation model and approach to the market in order for me to effectively communicate with our clients, who include: stockbrokers, financial advisers, fund managers, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

I have also managed various interns, allocating and distributing work to them; being accountable for their efforts.

I have also identified and successfully referred in excess of ten million dollars in new funds under management for the Clime Funds Management business.