My name is Kent Goldingay and I hold a Master of International Relations from the University of Sydney. This website was set up for me to post my academic work as I progressed through my master degree, and to share some travel adventures along the way as well.

My degree concentrated on security concerns poignant to the Asia-Pacific and Middle-East regions, simultaneously covering contemporary security matters including: cyber-security, fragile and failed-states, United States foreign and national security policy and international law covering: the use of armed force and anti-terrorism legislation. My degree comprised heavily of international relations theory covering its historical origins to its more modern adaptations.

I have a diverse background including a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. I earned a major in Finance focusing primarily on equities markets and security analysis, in addition to studying: economics, financial markets, portfolio management, international finance and risk management. I also attained a minor in Politics, studying issues from: the history and understanding of the United States government, Middle Eastern politics, political ideologies and problems with democracy to national security issues, counter-terrorism and intelligence. I completed a semester abroad in the United States in my penultimate year and choose this opportunity to pursue the majority of my political science subjects.

I have spent two years working in funds management and have a wide range of skills established through various roles I have held. My objective is to eventually secure a role within the security industry, utilising my skills and interests.